Through a one-day cruise
Through a one-day cruise


Monemvasia is carved into the rock like a sculpture. It’s also know as “Givraltar of the East” and as the greek poet’s Giannis Ritsos’ “rock ship”. Ritsos was born here. Monemvasia invites you into a journey through time, to wonder through the uniquely preserved medieval settlement with its arched alleys, the churches and the mansions. Swim in the dreamy sea, enjoy the beaches and the modern facilities, and don’t forget to taste the local wine.

More about the island

As we reach Monemvasia you’ll have the opportunity to admire its beauty.

You can enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch at one of the traditional tavernas or go for a refreshing swim.

We recommend you visit the Castle of Monemvasia.

Castle of Monemvasia
This is the first choice with a tradition that goes back to 1950 and serves greek traditional dishes made with pure local products.

Castle of Monemvasia
Ideal choice for tasty traditional dishes.

New Monemvasia
An all day hot spot where you can enjoy your coffee, ouzo and all meals of the day.

To Votsalo
In front of the sea with a view to the castle.

Clean waters that blend with the green mountains and the red coloured rocks that are all around.

This beach offers a unique view and is an ideal solution to those who don’t want to distance themselves.

Megali Ammos (Big Sand)
This is the largest beach in Kyparissi which combines almost everything. It’s recognized for its white pebbles and clear waters.

This is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters which is near Neapoli.

Another beautiful beach in Vatika which stands out for its golden sand and shallow turquoise waters.

One of the largest and most impressive beaches in the area since it offers visitors a great view of the castle of Monemvasia, as well as the old Monemvasia.

  • Castle of Monemvasia

    From the moment you arrive outside the impressive gate of the castle, which is only minutes away from the city of outer Monemvasia, you will enter in a world of magic.

    The main cobbled street of the castle will show you the way to discover every aspect of this lively and well preserved castle which is surrounded by medieval walls and is located on a big rock making it invisible from one side to conquerors over the years.

    Monemvasia’s name means One Entrance which implies the one and only entrance there was and still is, and made the castle an unconquerable fort during times of war.
    As you enter the castle, a small alley to the left leads you to Giannis Ritsos’s house, a greek famous poet who was born here and who named Monemvasia “rock ship”, a name that only an artist could conceptualize.

  • Agia Sophia (Saint Sophia’s church)

    The impressive byzantine church of Holy Mary which was renamed to Agia Sophia after the revolution of 1821 is built on top of the castle of Monemvasia, at the edge of a rock, right above the sea.

    Tradition connects the church with the emperor Andronikos B’ Palaiologos, but sources indicate that the church is actually much older. The church continued to operate during the Venetian Period as Madonna del Castello OR Nostra Donna in Castello for the catholic’s needs. During the Ottoman period it was converted into a Muslim mosque with the extension of a mihrab which is still preserved on the south wall. During the second Venetian period the church was dedicated to Madonna del Carmine. At this period another extension was added. Then, the church operated again as a Muslim mosque during 1715-1821 and returned to its Christian mass after the liberation of the city and was dedicated to the wisdom of God and was considered the very image of Saint Sophia in Constantinople.

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