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Skiathos is part of “Sporades islands” and is the closest one to the main land. Its distance is 41 nautical miles from Volos and 2.4 miles from the coasts of south Pilion. East of Skiathos is Skopelos island, in a distance of approx. 6 nautical miles.

Skiathos has rich plantation and many beaches, most popular are Koukounaries, Banana beach and many more. In front of the entrance of the port there are various small islands. In the town of Skiathos you can visit the house of greek author Alexandros Papadiamantis who was born and raised on the island.

At the town’s port there is Bourtzi, a small peninsula that splits the port in 2. There are 2 lakes, Agios Georgios and Stofylia, near Koukounaries beach.

  • In Skiathos you will have free time to explore the beauties of the town. You could enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch at one of the traditional tavernas or restaurants, or drink your coffee overlooking the port.

    One of the museums everybody should visit is the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis, who was one of the greatest authors and poets of greek history.

  • En plo (Εν πλω)
    Right at the sea, with a variety of tasty dishes.

    Amfiliki (Αμφιλύκη)
    Astonishing view and the nicest sea food on the island – this restaurant serves many local specialties you won’t find anywhere else.

    Located in a garden of a traditional house of Skiathos in the center of the town. It serves traditional greek cuisine.

    A place that will impress you by its view and romantic atmosphere. The food will be rewarding.

  • Koukounaries
    The most famous beach of Skiathos with a landscape of unique beauty, with the forest of Koukounaria ending at the sea and constituting, together with the lagoon of Strofylia, a unique wetland.

    The most "lively" beach of Skiathos It is divided into two beaches, Mikri and Megali Banana. In Megali Banana an endless party unfolds in the summer while the more isolated Mikri Banana is friendly for nudists.

    It is located along the southern coastline of Skiathos. The beach is windless with white sand and turquoise waters that will enchant you.

    Saint Helen
    A quiet and relaxing beach with golden sand and a view of Pelion, suitable for those who don't want too much tension but not complete tranquility either.

    Beach with fine sand in front of the settlement of the same name, fully organized but without much "fuss".

    A huge sandy beach that you will find 15km west of the town of Skiathos very close to the popular Koukounaries.

    It is located at the northeastern end of the island and is one of the most famous and characteristic beaches of Skiathos.

    A bay in the north of the island. The deep blue, crystal clear waters fade into a sandy beach of coarse sand and pebbles.

    • Papadiamantis house
    • Saint Nicolas church with the panoramic view
    • Bourtzi
    • Papadiamantis str. with the stores

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