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Skopelos is the greenest island of Greece. Here, the green trees join the deep blue waters of the sea and the sky creating an image of natural beauty that is beyond comparison. Most of the island is covered by virgin pine forest.

The town of Skopelos has been characterized by a presidential decree in 1978 as a traditional settlement mostly because of its architecture which is a mixture of various architectural styles and it gives the town a royal aspect. Getting to know Skopelos is a joy for each visitor. History is alive and the combination of nature and history makes this island much more than a tourist attraction.

  • When we arrive in Skopelos you will have free time to enjoy breakfast or lunch and visit the most beautiful beaches of the island, or the incredible sights Skopelos has to show.

  • Perivoli restaurant
    A restaurant where served dishes are light and outstanding in taste.

    The dolphin of Skopelos
    Food in a peaceful environment with amazing view and great atmosphere.

    Delicious meze for ouzo. Nice music that travels visitors to other times! The view from the restaurant is unique.

    Rodi restaurant
    A restaurant with soft music and nice atmosphere. The food choices are remarkable and the menu emormous.

  • Kastani
    A beach that combines green-blue waters, sandy beach, a green background with all the modern amenities someone could wish for.

    Just next to the town of Skopelos you’ll find this beach, a pretty pebble stoned beach which you must visit before leaving the island.

    A sandy organized beach with green background and crystal clear sea waters with a view to the island of Dasia.

    This is a beach which offers a lot of choices and will impress you. From this beach you have the perfect setting for a lovely sunset.

    This beach stands out for its waters and natural beauty.

    It is located in a scenic bay surrounded by pine trees. It has pebble stones and the water is deep and crystal clear.

    This beach is also called Agios Konstantinos and is one of the closest beaches to the town of Skopelos. The beach is organized, with clean waters and the beach is partly sandy – partly rocky.

  • Agios Ioannis (Kastri)
    This famous little church hangs of a rock on the northern part of the island and has become famous from the movie “Mamma Mia”. When you climb the 100 steps you will feel the sea breeze and the view will be engraved in your mind forever. The church is plain & simple and in combination with the location it provides tranquility and peacefulness to all visitors.

    This is an archaeological site in Panormos where you will see the walls of the acropolis still standing. From here starts the path that leads to the cave where Pan use to live. Pan was a greek god, protector of the farmers. He was a god that symbolizes the power of Birth and Nature.

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